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Estate Administration for Family Members: What to Do First

You have gone through the steps of arranging a funeral for your loved one that has passed away. However, now you are dealing with your role as the executor. You must administer the estate, but you are … [Read More...]

Contracts for Geriatric Caregivers: What do You Need?

Whether you are hiring someone privately, or you have hired a family member to care for an aging loved one, it is important that you realize this is a business transaction. This person is being hired … [Read More...]

The Basics of Elder Law

Elder law is an area of law about the elderly. An elder law attorney is well-versed in cases that involve seniors and senior rights. Lawyers practicing in elder law focus on the important decisions … [Read More...]

The Basics of Suffolk County Wills and Trusts

Elder Care Attorney Helping Families in Suffolk County Prepare Wills and Trusts Wills and trusts are essential estate planning techniques that protect your assets, but also your loved ones. While … [Read More...]

Common Suffolk County Medicaid Issues to Know

Experienced Medicaid Planning Attorney Helping Families in Suffolk County Medicaid planning is something that seniors do to ensure they have funds in place for nursing homes and other medical care in … [Read More...]

Effective Suffolk County Estate Planning Tips

Estate Planning Attorneys Serving Families in Suffolk County Estate planning is one of those things you know you must complete but are reluctant to do so. Whether the idea of visiting your mortality … [Read More...]

How to Find Suffolk County Elder Law Attorneys

Elder Law Legal Team Serving the Elderly of Suffolk County Today, living decisions as people age have become increasingly complex. Not only must they decide where they want to live, but how they will … [Read More...]

Can I Name an Attorney as My Executor?

New York Estate Planning Attorney Helping Families Appoint Executors Choosing an executor for your estate is a big task that should not be done in haste. After all, you are naming a party who is … [Read More...]

What to do When a Beneficiary is Serving a Prison Sentence

Experienced Estate Planning Attorney Serving Families and Beneficiaries in Upstate New York A beneficiary of an estate could find him or herself serving time in jail or prison. What is an executor to … [Read More...]

Estate Planning While Unemployed

Experienced Attorney Helping the Unemployed with Estate Planning in Upstate New York Technically, a person can create an estate plan at any time in his or her life, including while unemployed. … [Read More...]

What if a Trustee is Stealing from the Family Trust?

Elder Law and Estate Planning Lawyers Helping Settle Estate Issues Sadly, it happens more often than people realize. A person trusted with the task of managing family assets and funds decides to take … [Read More...]

What Happens if You Die Without an Executor Named for Your Estate?

Long Island Estate Planning Attorney Assisting Families with Naming Estate Executors An executor is your estate’s personal representative. This individual has a lot of responsibility, as he or she is … [Read More...]

Can Your House be Saved with a Trust?

Elder Law Lawyer Assisting Long Island Residents and Families with Trusts and Will Planning No one enjoys thinking about the end of his or her life. But, doing so could protect your biggest … [Read More...]

Who Has the “Capacity” to Make a Will?

Estate Planning Lawyer Assists Long Island Residents with Creating Wills and Trusts When you start the process of estate planning, you will hear various terms. One that is important is that of … [Read More...]

A Healthcare Power of Attorney Versus a Living Will

Elder Care Lawyer Discusses Addressing Medical Needs with POA and Living Will for Long Island Residents Your estate planning process starts with the draft of your living will. However, there are more … [Read More...]

Do I Need a Tax Identification Number for a Parent’s Trust?

Estate Planning Attorney Assisting Long Island Families with Trusts for Parents After a loved one passes away, you may be assigned the role of executor of the estate. When there is a trust involved, … [Read More...]

Estate Planning for the Modern Millennial

Long Island, NY Estate Plan Attorney Discusses Estate Planning for Millennials Millennials are no longer the young crowd. In fact, more are entering the workforce – and have been for some time – and … [Read More...]

Essential Funeral Planning Steps Every Executor Should Know

Estate Attorney Helping Long Island Residents with Funeral Planning While you might have created an estate plan and selected an administrator, how much does that executor know about the funeral? You … [Read More...]

The Benefits of Hiring an Attorney Decades Before Retirement

Estate Attorney Assisting Long Island Residents with Retirement Planning If you are like most, you do not think about an estate plan until you are nearing retirement. However, there are key … [Read More...]

Facts to Know About Medicare Planning

Estate Planning Attorney Assisting NY Families with Medicare Concerns Medicare planning is an essential component for any estate plan. After all, there will come a time when you need to use Medicare … [Read More...]

Should I Leave the Family Home to My Children?

Experienced NY Estate Planning Attorney Discusses the Right Time to Transfer the Family Home When considering your estate plan, one thing you may wonder is whether you should leave the family home to … [Read More...]

What Are My Options for End of Life Care?

Elder Care Attorney Helping Families in New York with End of Life Care Planning Part of elder planning and estate planning is creating an end-of-life care plan. While no one wants to admit their own … [Read More...]

What is the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

Long Island Attorneys Discuss Medicare & Medicaid for Estate Planning When undergoing estate planning, the topic of medical care comes up. Most consumers do not know the difference between … [Read More...]

Estate Planning Concerns for Families with Children with Special Needs

NY Attorney Helping with Estate Planning for Special Needs Families If you have a child with special needs, you must take extra caution when creating your estate plan. It does not matter whether your … [Read More...]

Ways to Avoid the Time and Expense of Probate Court

Hiring an Elder Law Attorney can Prevent the Expense of Probate Court for Families in Long Island, NY Everyone wants to pass on something to their children or other family members. You want … [Read More...]

The Value of Hiring an Elder Law Attorney

Estate Planning Attorney Helping Families in Long Island Avoid Probate Everyone wants to pass on something to their children or other family members. You want everything that you have saved to go to … [Read More...]

Steps to Take After a Loved One’s Death

Compassionate Attorney Assisting Grieving Family Members throughout Long Island, NY The death of a family member is emotionally and mentally traumatic. While you are tempted to retreat and deal with … [Read More...]

How to Plan a Funeral: A Loved One’s Checklist

Understanding Attorneys Helping Families Plan Funerals in Long Island, NY No one expects to plan a funeral for a loved one, but when the time comes, they are often unprepared for what tasks they must … [Read More...]

What Are the Inheritance Rights of Adopted Children?

Estate Planning Attorney Assisting Long Island Families with Adopted Children In general, an adopted child will typically have the same inheritance right to adoptive parents as biological children of … [Read More...]

Sensitive Estate Planning Questions That You Must Address

Understanding and Caring Attorneys Assisting with Estate Planning in the Long Island Area Estate planning tends to strike fear in some. After all, it is about planning the future after death. While … [Read More...]

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