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You may be concerned with providing for your minor or disabled child, protecting your estate from unnecessary taxes, or safeguarding your assets against the cost of long-term care. If you share any of these concerns, it is vital that you plan. Without doing so, the laws and courts of New York State will dictate what happens to your estate and the care of your children.

Whatever your concerns are, the Law Office of Andrew M. Lamkin, P.C. will create a comprehensive plan to meet your goals. Contact our trusted and respected New York estate planning attorney.

No two estate plans are exactly the same. Every client comes to me with unique needs. I am dedicated to drafting the estate planning documents needed to meet each of their concerns such as:

Estate Tax Planning

New York and federal estate taxes can take a significant portion of your assets away from the people you leave behind. The right estate plan can avoid unnecessary estate taxes and protect your assets.

Family Life Changes

Whether you are recently married, divorced, or began a second marriage, your estate plan needs to reflect your current situation and wishes. Our trusted New York estate planning lawyer will help you protect your children and spouse from complications that can arise.

Property in the Multiple States

If you own property in multiple states, your heirs may be required to probate your estate in each state in which you own property. The process may take over a year. The result can be the inability to sell the property quickly, a delay in paying a potential estate tax (resulting in a fine), and high legal fees. Planning can simplify this process by finding the right ways to avoid the need to admit your will to probate. Let our proven New York estate planning attorney help you.

Avoiding Probate

The probate process is expensive and estates can be difficult to administer. Planning ahead can save your loved ones the burden of a lengthy probate process.

Asset Protection

The cost of long-term care is extraordinarily high. If you or your spouse require the assistance of a home health aide or need to reside in a Nursing Home, how will you pay for the care and afford to live in your home? Would you rather your life savings be spent on your care or be passed down to your heirs? Planning can ensure that you will receive the care you need and that your assets are protected.

Providing for Disabled Children

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Children with autism, Down’s syndrome, or other developmental disabilities often receive government benefits. The right estate plan from a skilled NY estate planning attorney can provide for your child while maintaining his or her eligibility for these benefits.

Establishing Guardianship for Minor Children

If you pass away, who will care for your child? Your Last Will & Testament needs to appoint a person you trust to be your child’s guardian to avoid a potential legal contest between surviving family members.

Same-Sex Couples

Same-Sex partners do not receive the same legal treatment in New York as married couples. Therefore, planning is even more vital. A Last Will & Testament can help you control to whom your assets are distributed upon your passing. Also, a Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy will ensure that your partner has the legal authority to manage your affairs and make health care decisions for you if you cannot make them for yourself.

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I would like to thank the Law Office of Andrew M. Lamkin for their phenomenal service. From the first day, we sat down with Andrew, his knowledge of estate planning put us at ease. Elder care planning can be quite confusing but Andrew took the time to explain everything to us in detail. Having a social worker experienced with nursing homes and homecare was a huge plus as well. Not only did we get the Medicaid application approved for our father, but Blayne walked us through the entire home care process. Our dad now receives home care 7 days a week, thus lessening the burden on us and mom. Watching parents age is scary but having an experienced lawyer with a knowledgeable and compassionate team makes everything easier. I would highly recommend the Law Office of Andrew M. Lamkin.

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