What Is the Estate Attorney’s Role?

Long Island Estate Attorney - Lamkin Elder LawMost individuals are easily lured by the idea of saving time and money by creating their own estate plan using those do-it-yourself kits or websites. Unfortunately, these alternatives rarely generate a suitable estate plan that accomplishes all of their objectives. In fact, the only way to truly have an effective estate plan is by hiring a qualified estate lawyer that can interpret the laws that bear on tax rights, wills, probate, property, etc. Most importantly, these programs and forms do not offer the legal advice necessary to ensure the estate plan is correct or in accordance with New York State laws.

You Can Still Save While Hiring an Attorney

Save time and money by preparing for your meeting with an estate planning attorney early on. You can organize your information before the meeting – including assets, liabilities, titles and your feelings regarding how you want to provide for family members once you are gone. When you schedule your consultation, you can ask if there is a questionnaire the attorney uses and request that it be sent early so that you can complete it.

Also, have copies of important documents ready, such as your previous will (if any), powers of attorney, life insurance policies, employment and retirement benefits, divorce decrees and any prenuptial agreements.

During the Consultation

Do not be shy about requesting information regarding legal fees and how those fees will be used. You should also carefully review the written agreement between you and the attorney and the provisions for how things will be handled if you are dissatisfied with their service. Engagement letters are a critical component in every attorney-client relationship.

Consider Your Estate Attorney Your Advocate

An estate attorney is your advocate. They are there to protect your loved ones and your estate long after you pass. Because you have spent your entire life achieving your own personal goals, it is important that you have advice and direction from a legal professional. An attorney is an essential component in implementing a well-drafted, legal estate plan that meets your wishes and handles all personal objectives and concerns you may have. Instead of putting your wishes at risk with a do-it-yourself form, you may find that the benefits more than outweigh the costs of hiring a professional.

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