How to Find Suffolk County Elder Law Attorneys

Elder Law Legal Team Serving the Elderly of Suffolk County

elder law attorney and advocateToday, living decisions as people age have become increasingly complex. Not only must they decide where they want to live, but how they will manage finances, healthcare, and their estate. Seniors typically find themselves seeking legal advice from an attorney that can cater to these complex necessities.

An attorney specializing in elder law is one who focuses on the area of law relevant to seniors and their loved ones.

Elder law attorneys not only offer valuable advice, but they can help their clients find other professionals and non-legal resources for their needs. Suffolk County elder law attorneys know tax consequences of the decisions they help their clients make; therefore, they often work in close collaboration with local accountants.

Do You Need an Elder Law Attorney?

Legal services are expensive but should be considered as an investment. A consumer should be confident, however, that they need an elder law attorney. Before consulting with a lawyer, they should ask what legal issues they have if there are non-legal resources they need, and how an attorney can resolve their problems.

Then, they should consult with a local elder law attorney.

Tips for Selecting Suffolk County Elder Law Attorneys

There are numerous attorneys in Suffolk County specializing in elder law. Therefore, those seeking legal advice will need to perform due diligence to ensure they have picked the right attorney for their legal concerns. To do so, they should:

  • Consider the lawyer’s experience. Some lawyers offering elder law assistance also work in other fields of law, such as criminal defense, tax law, or bankruptcy. It is best to work with an attorney that does the core of their work in elder law and estate planning. This attorney is more apt to know the latest statutes and case law so that an accurate, legal plan can be established.
  • The complexity of the legal issues. Elder law issues range from Medicare planning to estate plans to setting up a trust. Therefore, some may require complex services that cannot be completed in a few visits. During the consultation, one should ask the attorney how long their issues will take to resolve so that they have an idea of what they are facing.
  • Visiting the local bar association website. Suffolk County has a bar association that is voluntary but offers clients a way to research potential attorneys and ensures they are the proper fit for their needs. Find a bar listed attorney, but also review any pending complaints against that attorney.
  • Request references from the attorney. Once a client has their eyes on a lawyer, they should seek references. When contacting references, ask what services the attorney provided, how long the process took, and their overall satisfaction.

Find a Suffolk County Elder Law Attorney Today

If you need elder law services, such as estate planning or Medicaid planning, contact the Law Office of Andrew M. Lamkin, P.C. today. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with him at 516-605-0625 or request your appointment online by completing an online contact form.

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