Ensuring Good Care for Your Elderly Parents

If you are the guardian of your elderly parents, you are responsible for their well-being. In addition, you have the right and privilege to make sure that they are treated properly while in a nursing facility. Here are some common problems for nursing home patients that you can avoid for your loved ones:

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is usually the most obvious form of abuse. If bruises or other injuries begin to appear on an elderly patient, it is important to ask about the injuries. Physical abuse can also include restraining or drugging a patient unnecessarily.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse occurs when a caretaker or someone else interacts with an elderly person, causing him or her emotional distress. If verbal, the abuse can include shouting, threatening, or humiliating. If nonverbal, emotional abuse can include isolating an elderly person or ignoring him or her.

Financial Abuse

Because elderly people often need help performing their daily tasks, they may not be as capable in handling their money and assets. Sometimes, this opens them up to financial exploitation. This could include stealing their possessions, forging their checks, or even stealing their identity.


However, the most common form of elder abuse is a less-extreme type: neglect. While it may not involve physical violence or psychological distress, neglect can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort for an elderly person. The most common indicators of neglect are bedsores, dehydration, dirty living conditions, and rapid weight loss. Additionally, look for changes in the elderly person’s demeanor. Does he or she seem depressed, angry, or apathetic? Also, note if the elderly individual is getting into arguments with his or her caretaker, as this is often a sign of some sort of problem.

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The first step that should be taken in guaranteeing that your elderly family member does not have to deal with any of the above issues is to carefully choose the care facility. Upon finding a good situation for your elderly family member, call Andrew M. Lamkin, at 516-615-0625. He will gladly help you file all of the appropriate paperwork and make sure that your loved one’s transition is smooth and carefree.

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