Care Management for Your Aging Parents

multigenerational famillyOften, the responsibility of caring for aging parents falls on the adult children. Many times, only one sibling accepts the responsibility, even though there are other siblings in the family.

As the parent’s health further declines, the adult child must also maintain the parent’s finances, pay the bills, and be the parent’s main source of social interaction. Additionally, weekly doctors’ appointments and trips to the pharmacy can be overwhelming, not to mention the paperwork required by medical insurance, Medicare, or and other sources.

The stress of caring for your aging parent, while at the same time supporting your own family, can strain your relationship with your parent, your spouse, and your children; however, you’re not alone. There is help for what has been termed the “sandwich generation,” people age 40 to 60 who care for an aging parent in addition to caring for their own families. Rather than allowing the stress of caring for your elderly parent to ruin your relationships, seek help from an elder care management professional.

What is elder care management?

Elder Care Management is not health care. Rather, it is a service or set of services designed to help family members make sense of the elder care system and get the help needed to properly and compassionately care for their aging parents. Sometimes called geriatric care management, these agencies work with the aging individual’s family to safeguard the patient’s well being and quality of life for as long as possible.

What is the role of elder care management?

Elder care management services educate caregivers about the services available to them and their parent. They also provide support and guidance, ensuring that the decisions that must be made for the aging parent lead to an optimal life. They assist caregivers in problem solving and mapping long term care plans. Some elder care management services also provide coaching for family caregivers.

What are the benefits of using elder care management services?

  • Receiving support reduces stress, anxiety, and resentment that can be part of caring for your aging parent. This allows you to be a son or daughter, rather than a parent, to your parent.
  • Utilizing elder care management services can help your parent live at home and remain independent as long as possible.
  • Elder care management professionals understand the system and can help you make informed decisions about what must be done for your parent and when.
  • When necessary, these professionals make outside referrals to other agencies and professionals, such as estate planning professionals and attorneys.
  • Some services provided by elder care management services can be paid for using medical insurance or Medicare.

Final Thoughts

Elder care management services are a wonderful resource that can help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with taking care of your aging parents. These professionals understand that caring for an aging parent can be overwhelming for individuals who are also raising their own children, maintaining a home, or considering their own retirement.

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