The Basics of Elder Law

Elder Woman Young WomanElder law is an area of law about the elderly. An elder law attorney is well-versed in cases that involve seniors and senior rights. Lawyers practicing in elder law focus on the important decisions made later in life, including helping their clients receive care, complete an estate plan, provide protections to loved ones, and even conservatorship.

A Legal Specialist for the Elderly

An elder law attorney works as a specialist. Their focus is on the needs specifically of older adults. These requirements are nowhere near the same as younger adults. They assist in financial and estate planning issues, but also help with day-to-day concerns, such as life planning, Medicare, and assisted living.

An elder law attorney looks out for the best interests of their client, and they handle numerous challenging situations for those clients.

Ways an Elder Law Attorney Can Help You

An elder law advocate can help with multiple tasks, including:

  • Wills and Estate Plans – Estate plans, including making plans for minor and adult children, adults with special needs, probate court, and other estate issues.
  • Durable Power of Attorney – Providing protection for when the unexpected happens, and someone needs to make decisions on a senior citizen’s behalf.
  • Health Care and Planning – From creating a health care power of attorney to planning for government-funded healthcare, patient rights, and long-term care.
  • Advance Directives – Drafting advance directives including long-term planning documents and a durable power of attorney.
  • Nursing Home Rights – For seniors who anticipate that they will live in a nursing home or assisted living center, a lawyer helps explain their rights and even file claims when rights are violated.

Estate Planning

Estate planning and estate administration are two critical services that elder law attorneys provide to their clients. This allows the transfer of that person’s property to other family members or even an organization upon his or her death.

An elder law attorney will draft a will, help establish a trust (if necessary), plan for estate taxes, and help with the distribution of assets. In certain cases, the attorney may help his clients through the probate court process or find alternatives to probate.

Medicare Planning

Medicare is something that most seniors will rely on when they retire. Receiving these benefits is not easy, and states have specific rules for Medicare. A lawyer can help elderly individuals plan long-term for their government insurance.

Social Security Benefit Issues

Elder attorneys can also contribute to resolve issues regarding Social Security benefits during retirement. These problems might include applying for benefits, disability, and Social Security, securing benefits, transferring them to spouses and dependents and so forth.

Meet with an Elder Law Attorney in New York

Protecting yourself and your loved ones is critical regardless of age. However, when you get older, you need an advocate that protects your rights to substantial benefits and gives you the opportunity to provide for loved ones in the future as well.

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