5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Nursing Home

The decision to place a loved one into a nursing home can be a difficult one. However, doing good research and asking the right questions before choosing a nursing home for your loved one makes it easy to know that your family member is being taken care of.

What are some questions that you should ask prior to selecting a nursing home?

1) How Often Are Residents Taken Out of the Home?

It is important to know if the home has any organized activities or field trips that residents get to go on. Scheduling trips and other events for seniors gives them something to look forward to and improves their quality of life.

2) Will I Be Contacted About Any Medical Issues?

A good nursing home will always notify an emergency contact if a resident has a stroke, breaks a bone or develops an illness. Make sure that you will be notified if anything happens. If not, it could suggest that a particular home does not look out for the best interests of its patients or their families.

3) What Are the Qualifications of the Staff?

Staff members should be registered nurses at the very least. A trained doctor should also be on staff or nearby at all times. Having a qualified staff on hand makes it easier to deal with medical issues and improves communication between staff and family members of the residents.

4) How Often Are The Residents Checked?

If a resident needs medication or has a medical emergency, how fast will someone be there to provide it? Even if a resident doesn’t need anything, does a staff member do a routine check to ensure that everything is okay or to stop for a quick chat?

5) Is There an Active Community at the Home?

Is there a vibrant community at the nursing home that you are looking at? Although a vibrant community may simply mean the residents watch TV in a common room or get together to play chess, your loved one deserves to be in an environment where he or she can make friends and live a dignified life.

Putting someone in a nursing home doesn’t mean that they are being left to die. Instead, a nursing home should be a place where family members can be well cared for and interact with others their own age. This improves their quality of life while reducing a burden on yourself to provide care that you may not be able to give anymore.

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