10 Easy Ways to Help Protect Your Aging Parents

Elderly mother with daughterMany adult children feel helpless as their parents age. Caring for an elderly parent can be both time-consuming and expensive. However, there are a few simple and cheap things that people can do to keep aging parents safe.

1. Keep floors and walkways clear.

Many elderly people have trouble picking up things from the ground. However, these obstacles present a fall risk. Visiting a parent once a week and picking things up around the house can prevent accidents.

2. Install grab bars in key places.

Many elderly people fall while getting out of bed, in and out of a bath, and other similar places. Placing grab bars will make aging parents feel safer getting up and down while preventing falls.

3. Go for a walk.

Many seniors become more sedentary as they lose balance and strength. Walking, swimming, and other light exercise will keep aging parents fit and capable for much longer. Even taking your aging relative for a weekly walk in the park can make a huge difference.

4. Perform simple repairs.

Simple things like fixing a doorknob or changing a light bulb can make a huge difference in the safety of an elderly person’s home. It’s also important to routinely check smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and other home safety devices.

5. Help manage their medication.

Over-medication and under-medication are both common in elderly people. This is easily prevented by helping the elderly person measure out their pills into daily pill boxes. In addition, review medications occasionally to ensure that they are not taking medications that cause side effects such as loss of balance that may interfere with their independence and safety.

6. Install nightlights.

Poor vision is a common problem for aging parents. Unfortunately, many falls occur when a person fails to see obstacles in their path at night. Nightlights can help prevent these falls. In addition, ensure that your relative has their eyesight checked and is wearing glasses that correct their vision.

7. Review their credit report.

Financial scams and identity theft are both common among the elderly. An occasional credit check or setting up credit alerts can let you know if your parent credit is free from any fraud or scams.

8. Secure their residence.

Elderly people cannot fight back against intruders. Make sure there are functional locks, peep holes, good outdoor lighting, and other safety devices to keep them safe.

9. Help them plan for the future.

Many aging people are reluctant to make plans for future infirmity and death. Talk about a will, do not resuscitate order, power of attorney, living will, and other plans for the future. It’s important to get your relative’s wishes in writing while they are still capable of good decision making.

10. Check on them regularly.

Elderly people are much safer if someone routinely calls or stops by to make sure they’re okay. If falls are a concern, consider getting a life alert button or similar service.

Caring for an elderly relative can be difficult. It’s important to contact a lawyer if you have any concerns about their future and their ability to care for themselves. Call the elder law experts at the Law Office of Andrew M. Lamkin or fill out our online contact form today if you have any concerns about your aging parents.


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